Friday, May 14, 2010


Even when you are starving students Magical things can still happen.

My Brother Jack volunteered in Disney's Give a Day Get a Day program and got us all free Disney Park Tickets! Thanks Jackie! My Parents had a time share that was running out that they had to use and we had 2 weeks off in between semesters so it was perfect timing. Thanks Parentals! So we decided to just pack up and go. Then my Mom who hadn't seen her grand kids in too long happened to get two free Southwest tickets the day I told her we were going, so her and Jack were able to fly out. My sister Katherine just graduated from BYU and had some time off to come and also a free ticket to Disney courtesy of Jack. Perfect!

More Magical Things:

I hand the parking guy at Disney a $20 and he says "Want to see a magic trick?" And gives me back the $20 and says, "parking is on us today!" With big friendly smile. What!? That kind of stuff kills me...with joy.

We ran into my cousins, The Murphys, who live in Utah and we had no idea they were going to be there. A very magical moment!

Apparently this is the down time at Disney, right before school gets out. The only line longer than five minutes was Dumbo and Peter Pan. We shot to the front of every line with Fast Passes and by 7pm we had done basically everything.

We were looking for something to do and just happened to go into Philharmagic which looked like it was going to be a really lame 3D version of Fantasia....We were wrong!!! It was one of the most magical things ever. Luke was on the edge of he seat cheering and shouting...Pure Disney JOY!!!

We just happened upon 3 awesome shows One of which was a Dance Party in front of the Castle with All the favorite Disney Characters. At first it looked like just a parade, but then they invited us to come in the street and dance with them. SO FUN!!!!

The best part of course was seeing the kids wide eyed at every moment...I love them.

Magic=Tender Mercies

Thursday, May 13, 2010