Sunday, August 7, 2011

Henry is 3!

Last Sunday was Henry's Birthday! I am completely obsessed with this child. Everything he does, every sigh and laugh is just amazing to me(I am his mom). Sam and I just look at each other like "this kid is unreal."

For instance....

2 nights ago we had put him to bed and it had been several minutes and he walks nonchalantly into the living room where me and Sam are and says "Hi Friends" like he's coming to visit.

He loves to pretend to be a puppy. He will whimper like a puppy until you say "Good boy" and then he pants in happiness.

He shares his food with the dog next door through the fence. I caught him the other day lazily sitting by the fence taking turns biting a peanut butter sandwich with Atlas.

He's really into saying "Check this out Mommy" or "Check out my toy" or whatever he is holding. If he doesn't know what he is holding he will say "Check out my this, Mommy." The other day in the car he had a dirty diaper and said very matter-of-factly, "Check out my poo, Mommy."

He says things backward like he's speaking Spanish, for instance "Check out my Dinosaur Orange, Mommy"

If the boys and/or Daddy are wrestling he will just throw his body on top of whatever mass is rolling on the floor. He always keeps up with the big boys.

He has a raspy voice and an evil laugh.

I love his gap tooth, he looks like he has hippo teeth.

He's still a little soft and chunky with big cheeks. Both the other boys were rails at this point, I love that he is still squishy.

He says "I love you" a million times a day and he loves to give tons and tons of kisses. This makes me happy.

When he is tired he wants your faces cheek to cheek and he puts his arm fully around your neck. It is so sweet.

He doesn't have a blanky or a toy he loves, he just plays with your knuckles. Sometimes when he is sad in the car I just reach back my non-driving hand and let him pinch away.

He only responds to kindness. One of the boys can demand something like a toy back that he stole, but he won't budge unless they ask really sweetly, then he gives it up immediately.

If I am trying really hard to get him to do something (usually eat healthy food) he will resist and resist, but if I start fake crying, he gives in immediately. (I know I am probably messing him up with this one, but sometimes you got to do what works:)

...just a few reasons I love Henry.