Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Happy 4th

To my dear sweet Henry on his fourth birthday!!!

If I could describe you in one word it would be Magical. I could watch you all day long, everything you do is so magnificent, silly, imaginative, daring, uninhibited, thoughtful--I am completely in love. I love watching you play make believe by yourself with imaginary ninjas. I love when you look at me unprompted and tell me you love me SOOOO much:) I love your hippo teeth and the fact that you still have your chubby cheeks. I love that you don't care about being the designated bad guy when you play with your bros, you just go with the flow. I love your scratchy voice, it melts my heart. I love when you come into a room, you jump in like a superhero and make a silly face. I love that when you are about to escape out of the pew at church you wind back like a cartoon and then sprint away. You spread joy and magic wherever you are and I just can't get enough of you.

Love Love Love

From Dad:

Henry will magically appear in the bed, he used to scream for me at
night, but I think he realized that I made him go back to bed if he made a lot of noise so he decided to take a more stealthy approach. Now I do not even hear him come in and I wake up in
the morning with an extra body. Good thing he is a great snuggler.

Henry will often look up at me and say "you are the best dad ever" or
"you are my favorite dad" which just melts my heart

Sammy asked me to show him my muscles so I pulled back my shirt and
flexed my biceps to which Henry said "Nice elbows, Dad"

Grandpa Jim would always tease Henry and call him Hank, to which Henry
would respond "I'm not a Hank, I'm a Henry"

Henry loves to have books read to him, and it is hard to say no when
he comes up in his sheepish voice and asks " Will you read this book
for me..please... pretty pretty please"

Henry is a great dancer and will dance at the drop of a hat. When we
do the lemonade stand Henry get's customers by doing his patented
monkey dance.

Henry has had this idea that when he turns 4 he will be big. He has
said that he is still small because he is 3 but when he turns 4 , then
he will be big.

I love Henry, he is a smart, kind, and loving big boy.

More notes on THE HEN:

Henry was playing paper,rock,scissors. They always say "Paper, rock, scissors, shoot" But instead of saying "shoot" he was coming up with other weapons such as "paper, rock, scissors, banana peel" and my favorite "paper, rock, scissors, ghost" while he made spooky hands and walked around like a ghost. He also did "paper, rock, scissors, eyeball" and "paper, rock, scissors, everything."

Today in the car Luke and Sammy were going back and forth saying "you taste like underwear" "you taste like poop" and other gross things. Henry pipes up from the middle row of the suburban, very nonchalantly, "you taste like...babies, you taste like Light. I'm a jellybean."

Today they have been playing some version of pretend. Henry is Chunky Face (the superhero) Luke is Jack (the sidekick), and Sam is "Bad Guy." Later, as I was feeding Vivi they were pulling all their bedding out to the yard and when I walked out to check on them they were lying on their backs looking up at the sky. Later Luke told me that they were playing "I Spy in the Sky" and Henry saw a balloon that spilled it's milkshake. When I laughed Luke said seriously, "No, really Mom."

  • Darci Nelson One of my favorites was his "I'm awesome" phase. I was visiting and said something like "Henry you're so cool" and he said, "no, I'm awesome". Like no big deal. And whatever I'd say you're cute or funny -- he would just respond "no, I'm awesome."
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  • James Nelson Jr. yes, and along those lines.... ask Sam Nelson about when he said, "It was just an awesome/fun time... and I was awesome."
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  • James Nelson Jr. Also, I remember when he tried to sprint into oncoming traffic.. and Darce caught him by the shirt... that seemed to be another phase.
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  • Darci Nelson Oh man, I still get heart palpitations when I think about that moment. The little rascal. :). It makes me also remember when mom followed him around disneyworld and he never looked back to make sure she was there. He was just cruising'.
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  • Darci Nelson Oh also, I was watching him when kim and Sam went for their anniversary trip one year and I woke up with his little arm around my neck and then until I got out of bed, he would run around the house, come back to my room, throw open the door and yell "darci!!", laugh and then run around some more. He did it probably 5 times. Hilarious.
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    Katherine Rushforth Nelson Smith 
    When I was in 'bama in November, every middle of night, Henry would wake up crying. I quickly had him crawl into the little twin bed with me... before I knew it, his was dead asleep, body sprawled directly in the center of the tiny twin bed. There were a couple nights I tried to move to the couch, but he always knew what was up... When I tried to move his body, he wouldn't wake up, but it was almost as if, even in his sleep, he demanded to have it right there. So I remained stick straight on the very edge of the bed, happily, I might add. Anything for the sweet Bulldog. I took a picture of it one night, it was too amazing to not capture forever.

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    Katherine Rushforth Nelson Smith 
    Also, it's amazing when he cries (i know, weird). He has these big sweet sad eyes that look directly into yours. Directly. Pleading eyes, but a kind of pleading that almost makes you feel like it's coming from a sweet place inside his little body, where he just wants you to understand, not necessarily hear him cry, but to understand why he is sad... I don't really know how to describe it. I just have a distinct image of those tear filled eyes... such an aware sweet boy.

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Handsome Henry

Grandma and Grandpa Hirt gave Henry some new clothes for is upcoming birthday. Of course we couldn't wait until Tuesday to open them. He put these shorts on immediately, wore them all day, and then slept in them:). I wanted to take a picture to send to Grandma and when I got the camera out he just started posing for me, unprompted. Magical!

Friday, July 27, 2012

making waves

Sam taught Viv to wave and I know I am probably the only one that thinks it is the cutest thing in the whole world, but since it's my blog I'm going to post it. :)

...and some tired laugh/crying.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

summer fun

We went with some  friends to the beach and of course I barely took any pictures. We had an amazing time..played in the ocean, pool, and ate WAY too much. Here are a few shots of Viv. 
 This is a pic of the boys after going to a Rainbow Birthday Party. It was so adorable I wish I would have taken my camera.