Friday, November 9, 2012

Some Halloween

We had a great Halloween! So many highlights. 

Sam gives bat presentations the week of Halloween to kids in the community, this is before one of them.
Dobby on his way to school, being dropped off by Kevin Bacon.
Last minute Target trip.
Dobby, Ron, Hedwig, and Harry Potter. Ron's hair turned out a lot more orange than I planned, but still perfect:)

trick or treating Viv style.
Best Halloween surprise EVER!!!! As we were knocking on our last door Auntie Kas comes running up to us!!! It was THE BEST!!! She had been planning to come for months and everyone knew except me and the boys. It is one of the few surprises in my life I had NO CLUE about. So great! She spent the next few days with us and I got to show her all of my favorite places. LOVE HER!

More to come:)