Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Adventures of a Stay at Home Dad III

We went to the Lake today, it was funner for the pool because at the pool I just chase Henry around, but at the Lake there is more for him to do like....

Climb on jagged rocks

Luke loved floating around on the tube

Sammy loved floating on his back

saying cheese

we caught a fish and put it in a bucket

Adventures of a Stay at Home Dad II

We got a vacuum cleaner from some friends (Thanks Jalesa via the Brownings). It looked too much like Wall-E to not become an actual Wall-E toy. He now stands guard in the corner of the kids room.

Sammy and Luke, just hanging out with Wall-E
Assembling Wall-E's arms
This has to be my favorite shot in the world. This was taken by Sammy and Luke is doing robot arms
Wall-E and Luke mugshot

Adventures of a Stay at Home Dad

I have been at home for the past couple of weeks as Kim has been doing her musical theater camps for kids and adults. These shots are from Sammy and Luke playing with the camera and were taken by Sammy and Luke

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Yesterday at toy Story 3 Sammy asked me if movies were just a bunch of pictures and I said yes, so today he said he was going to make a bunch of pictures so we could make a movie. This is what we came up with. We were going to make it 3-D but not everyone on the internet has a pair of 3-D glasses laying around so we stuck with the 2-D concept. Hopefully Disney doesn't sue us for the rights.