Thursday, February 28, 2008

El Numero Uno

I have fallen, another victim to blogging, I feel it a necessary way to communicate with the outside world. No longer must I send out mass e-mails with pictures and information about our recent decisions, I can simply post a blog and invite all to enjoy the many wanderings of my mind and the happenings of our lives. I got a gmail acocunt a year ago, an Mp3 player for Christmas, and now I am a blogger, (though never a myspace or facebook account holder). I feel like a teenager again.


eva jane said...

LOVE IT! Can't wait for all the pictures and stories. Love your guts (and Kim's and Sammy's and Luke's and the developing yitter's)

nephi said...

i'll be looking for your facebook friend request in six months.

carots said...

WOO HOO!! Welcome aboard! Post LOTS of pictures of your kids- we LOVE them! :o)