Thursday, June 25, 2009

7 stitches

The damage, count 'em

trying to look normal

trying to look really weird, I think I suceeded

Trying to look tough

Ok, so I should have been working, but my intramural team said they needed me because they didn't know if they would have 5 to play, turns out they had 8 and I was not needed so I shouldn't have even been playing in the first place. So during the game I was playing horribly and then smashed into the back of a teammate's head after shooting an airball and I knew I split it open. I went to the ER and waited around for 6 hours until they stitched me up and then I stumbled back home at about 1:30AM. so I think I am done playing "intense basketball" forever, I am getting too old for this. Should leave me with a nice scar though


Julia Harps said...

that'a our sambo rambo!

Steph said...

Well, I think the scar goes well with your bat scientist persona. You will be making biologists across the country try to do the same thing.

Katherine said...

Thats kind of awesome! I love scars.

Waiting in the hospital for six hours is like someone asking you if you wouldn't mind committing suicide and then you sincerely considering it... for six hours

Heather said...


Katie said...

yeah rambo, you act like thats the first set of stitches you've ever had in your life.

I REMEMBER ONE TIME you getting strapped in to a blue contraption that velcro'd your arms and legs down and being so worried about you. They made me leave the room but I kept insisting that I stay...I didn't get to. Luckily there were toys in the playing room and I forgot about the screaming that was going down in the room.

I thought Batman doesn't bleed?

kim said...

You're still beautiful

annie said...

You look hard core man! Sambo Rambo rises again!

Eva said...

I'm sure the ER already knows you by name... isn't this the second set of stitches since you've been in AL??... you da man sam.