Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Boys, Boys, Boys

Just some pictures of our boys, as you will see the big boys fun thing right now is batman, Sammy is planning his Batman birthday party (which also is involved in everything he wants) good thing Halloween is so close to his birthday, it should be a crime-fighting, good time

Henry loves to sit on ledges (but not for very long)

Luke (who has officially changed his name to Robin)

Sammy (who has officially changed his name to Batman

The three amigos packed in the back of the car, this is what we see in the rear view mirror

We printed out bats that they taped to their clothes and all over their room

On a Sunday walk with Batman, I felt very safe

Sporting the cape we found in the closet, it is now a staple in Sammy's wardrobe

Flying through the air! Batman to the rescue!


Darci said...

I love these guys!

Heather said...

oh man...they are getting so big! love them!

Katie said...

I love it. I can guess what your family is going to be dressed in this halloween. How handy that they have batman for a dad too

annie said...

I want to steal Henry!! That first picture is so perfect. And the Three Amigos jammed in the back seat- what a great view!! I want to live by you guys. Seriously, I laughed out loud at the Batman photos! Too cute! I LOVE them! You guys are the greatest!

Eva Jane said...

All of those pictures are to die for... I love those boys more than oatmeal creme pies (that's A LOT of love!)

momhirt said...

these beat the pictures of the platters anytime... no offense. i mean, i know the platter was very personal, but this is what i was looking for! jk. love these kidders. and their parents.

Katherine said...

Uh... those are the greatest pictures i've ever seen!

Kluane said...

I love the car picture!! Such cute boys.

Reags said...

Craziest boys south of the pacific. But it is easy to tell where that got that craziness. I have see you break it down on the dance floor kim, don't hide it.