Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Mario Brothers

So playing the Wii over Christmas break has influenced our playtime and our new looks. After playing with Mr. Potato head Sammy and Luke discovered they could shove the mustaches up one of their nostrils for a nice Mario and Luigi mustache.

The boys started getting up on this Bike when we were playing in the backyard and instead of getting them down, I got my camera:) --Kim


Katie said...

Love it!

I'm not sure if I would ever recognize Luke if he didn't have a costume on.

annie said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA!! That's awesome! I love them!

roselizabeth said...

i need your kids! look at henry's little squish face! and sammy and luke are so amazing and hilarious. i just...i just need them.

Spencer and Holly said...

I love that Henry is just chillin while he stands on the back tire. Your boys make me happy!