Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Wookey!!!

Yesterday was my sweet Lukey's 4th birthday!

A few things you might not know about Luke:

His nickname is Wookey.

He would rather be in a superhero costume than anything else. We let him wear his costumes anywhere except for Church and pre-school, but he found a way around that. Whatever outfit he is wearing, he'll put on a tie and say he's Bruce Wayne. There was a new lady in Primary and they were all telling her their names, without skipping a beat he introduced himself as Bruce Wayne, the teacher was rather confused. He also wears his Batman t-shirt to soccer and makes sure his teacher calls him by that name.

He sleeps next to his favorite toys. Last night it was the new Lego tractor he got for his birthday, the night before I told him his Eva Robot was tired, the next thing I knew he was fast asleep in his bed with a big blanket around the robot.

Biggest Pet Peeve: When Sammy steals his imaginary Yoshi eggs, or imaginary costumes.

Favorite Word: Poop! hand's down. Yesterday we took him to a fun pizza place for his b-day and I thought I would make his day and gave him a brownie and called it Yoshi poop. He burst into laughter...priceless.

Favorite meal: Waffles! well really any breakfast item. He downs breakfast like no one I've ever seen. 3 waffles is nothin to him.

My favorite thing he says: "It's like super, super awesome" with a huge lisp and dramatic pauses and emphasis.

He LOVES kissing! It's a little out of hand, but it is sweet to randomly get kissed on the arm and be told that you are loved.

We love you Luke, I hope you never stop being a wonderfully sweet weirdo.


Heather said...

adorable. happy birthday you weirdo!

Katherine said...

Luke is the best. i love the bruce waybe thing... that kid is the best! Poop is a really good word.

Katie said...

Happy Birthday Wookey (do you pronounce that like the star wars wooki or like woow-key)!!

Just curious....

We love you guys!

kim said...

it's a little different than star wars. Like Lukey with a "W"

Darci said...

I love Wookey/Batman/Bruce Wayne.

Pants said...

I love you Bruce Wayne.

The Hightower's said...

Happy Birthday!

momhirt said...

good post. wish we could know him better, thanks!

Eva Jane said...

Happy Birthday Wookey! You're my favorite 4 year old super hero/Bruce Wayne... I LOVE YOU!!

I'm with grandma hirt, wish I lived right next door so I could know all these fabulous Luke things everyday! :)