Sunday, October 31, 2010


Mario and Luigi
This is what happens when you hold down the B button and move Mario

Trick or Treating

Mario giving a piece sign, trust me there are 2 fingers there

Superman, he took the longest time getting to the doors, but he loved it

This was taken right after we got the costumes

At the Halloween Carnival, everyone loved their costumes

At our Halloween 80s party

Just hanging with my hot girl! why doesn't she dress like that every day?

Group shot at the 80s party, good times


annie said...

I just love your family more and more! The costumes are fantastic!! Little Henry is ADORABLE... and your wife is SUPER hot! :o) Love you guys!

Katherine said...

SOOO totally awesome!!! I love every single thing. Henry looks like a stranger to me, BUT IS SOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I want to be to there!

Katie said...

Henry is getting soooo big! (totally agree with Katherine....stranger. He's growing up. Not fair because you are so far. Hurry up and finish school and move back West. *insert "way out west" song from Fivel Goes West*

I love the costumes. Mario and Luigi are perfect.

You two are the cutest couple I've ever seen.

Holly said...

Great costumes, the boys are ADORABLE! And I agree with the others, Henry looks so big and different. Kim, you are HOT!

Julia Harps said...

so cute. what a team!

Eva Jane said...

I love everything about this post... mostly the people in it :) AWESOME Halloween at the Alabama Hirt house!!