Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy B-day to my sweet Lukey!

About Luke:

He is really sensitive. If he ever gets in trouble he immediately says "Hugs" and is sad until he gets them. He always needs cuddling. If he is acting out all you have to do is hug and love on him and he is fine.

He runs with his arms at his sides.

He uses really funny grammar that makes me laugh.

He is loves legos. He'll spend forever looking at the Lego directions and making different lego machines. He is very meticulous about it.

He likes to do things the right way. For instance, Sam got a push up bar for Christmas and Luke saw that the guy on the box had exercize shorts on and no shirt, so before he used it he had to take his shirt off and get shorts on. He spent a half hour coming up with his own work out routine.

He loves to dance. When there is music on, he can't help but moving some part of his body.

Whenever the radio is on he always says "Turn off this girl music Mom, I want Rock music." In a really annoyed voice.

I love you Luke. You are perfect.


Eva Jane said...

Happy Birthday LUKE!! Everything about you makes me smile :)

momhirt said...

what a great kid! love to luke!

Hannah Hubbard said...

What a cute post.

Julia Harps said...

those are such great things about his personality. what a cutie!

Katherine said...

Hahaha... I love this boy. He is so hilarious and sweet. UGH! I miss everything!!!