Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Land of the Legos

I am so far behind in blogging, but we had an awesome vacation this break. We got to go to California thanks to my amazing, generous, crazy, delicious siblings and siblings in law... to have Christmas with the Nelsons. We also got to see the Jon Hirts, the Julia Harps, the Nephi Hirt, and the Rose Hirt. It was SO crazy fun! For Christmas we got Legoland tickets from Santa. Santa found them super cheap on Ebay:) The kids were in HEAVEN! Grandma Nelson, Uncle Jack, and Aunt Cubbie got to come as well.

We are not very good at taking pictures, but we took quite a few at Legoland. It was a perfect day!

Who is havimg the most fun at legoland?

Minions of Darth under his cloak

3 wookies, Chewbaca, and R2D2

Henry loved this ride and was talking to his horse named "Midnight" the whole time

They were able to drive their own car and get a lego drivers licence. A definite highlight. They then asked if they could drive home since they earned their driver's license

One of the many lego playgrounds

A tasty treat

Building mini lego figures is the best.


Reags said...

Ek! Love those boys!

sam said...

When I asked Henry about Legoland he explained a few things they did and then concluded by saying, "It was just an awesome fun time... and I was awesome!" He's amazing. I love all these pics.