Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas from Alabama

 The Forest Ecology Preserve Christmas Event.
 This is as close as they wanted to get to Santa. I'm cool with that.
 The boys and our good friend Stewart.

 Chubby cheeked kids that I love.
 This is what I find on my kitchen chalkboard. Yeah, the one I wanted to use for quotes and signs. Love.
 Henry's Pre-school Christmas Program. Magical.

 He's a thumbs-up kind of guy.
 My main squeeze eatin' the kiddie snacks.
 Henry and his buddy.

 We took the boys to see "The Christmas Carol". They were captivated the whole time. So sweet.

Sam trying to take a Sunday nap by the Christmas Tree. He should know better.

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Kristin Wilson said...

So amazingly adorable!!