Friday, April 5, 2013

WOOKEY!!!! Happy Birthday LUKE!!!!

It is my Sweet Lukey's 7th Birthday today. I wanted to re-post this video of him. This is the essence of Luke.

Luke, I love your body. People have always commented on your body and how it never stops moving, even when you are cuddling there is some part of your body that is rocking out. You are a freak in every amazing sense of the word.

Luke, I love how you are always keeping beat for no reason. You'll do strange beat boxing without knowing it, it makes me smile.

Luke, I love that you like to work hard and take pride in what you do. You enjoy finishing your homework and chores without procrastinating. I remember when you were just a toddler and were assigned to be the littlest angel in the Nativity Play. You had to stand on a high tower and were the final moment of the show. You held your trumpet up and  never broke character, never looked down. The whole audience was stunned to see such a small person so still, especially you who is rarely not moving. It is one of my favorite Luke memories.

Luke, I love the way your brain works. You can't just do something half way, if you do something you will spend hours on it until you master it.

Luke, I love when you swing a baseball bat you swing with all your might every time and even though you are the littlest and youngest on your team you were the only one brave enough to be catcher and because of that you got the game ball! Your coach said the other day, "The Hirt boys are puttin' the hurt on."

Luke, I love how you try to make everyone around you happy. You are so attentive to Vivi, trying to make her laugh and making sure she is safe, such a sweet older brother. 

Luke, I love every single thing that is uniquely you.

I love you BEYOND!




I like Luke because he is a machine. His body moves in an unnatural and perplexing way that defies human physics. His ability to focus on things that he is interested in are unparalleled. He shares his last piece of gum, he forgives easily and apologizes even faster. I love Luke. I cannot believe he is 7.

I love seeing you play baseball. You are the smallest guy on the team but you try are hard and are very resilient. Yesterday you hurt your hand playing catcher and we thought for sure you would never want to play again, but when I asked you today about it you said "I love being catcher". That is just like you to forget the bad that happened in the past and move on with optimism. You are an inspiration to me and I LOVE YOU.




Julia Harps said...

i was a fan before but now for sure I am a huge fan of luke! What a darling!

jennifer weldon said...

Happy Birthday Luke! You are an awesome boy! Thank You for being a GREAT FRIEND to my son Sean who has been known to play by himself and be content, but when you come around he lights up! You have many gifts, but your greatest to me is the ability to share and be a friend and one Sean considers his BEST friend!

jennifer weldon said...

Hey, I watched your video Luke. You are a mover and shaker for sure. Awesome energy! I am totally a fan. Love the way you beat to your own drum. Sean does this too. Not the dance, but he thinks original thoughts like you . Hope you had a great birthday!