Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Quick Pics

We were in the other room and then heard crunching in the livingroom, they were swimming through a sea of rice crispies (could have been worse)

Watermelon is delicious

I fell asleep lying down with the boys. Kim thought it was funny that we could take up the whole bed. That's why she calls me diagnal man.


Katie said...

ha hah a.....those are great. I bet they were having so much fun in the rice crispies.......JUST ADD MARSHMALLOWS!

The Waldron Family said...

Hi Kim!! Um, how cute is your family?!! I love you and all those boys. When are you due? You need a floating baby on your blog as well :)... please keep in touch.
Missi (Hinckley) Waldron

momhirt said...

great pics. don't you just love being a dad. nothing like those sweet little people---when they are sleeping! i liked the fact that they were smashing the rice crispies with the shoe. hope you have a good vacuum cleaner. hugs and kisses to you all.

Eva said...

HA! at least they picked something that's easy to clean. I love those kiddos!!