Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Post

Pictures from the week
aunt cubbie came to visit

Playing on the computer, a favorite past time

Hanging with big bro.

Tummy time: fat cheeks, blue eyes

Lukey,, playing with the baby. He was getting real close and saying "it's ok"

Sammy showing Henry some pictures


momhirt said...

keep them coming! the boys seem to really enjoy the baby. that's cool.

Spencer said...

I agree with mom, you should definitely keep those babies coming. :)

Katherine said...

I have been waiting for more pics. Thank you. That Henry is getting a face, love him.

Eva said...

that baby is delicious and so are his brothers! more pictures, more pictures, more pictures!!

Julia Harps said...

they are all so dang adorable. Henry is precious. and so squishy. I hope he doesn't ming it when I chew on him. mmmm-mmmm.

Sam Hirt said...

sometimes I do have the urge to nibble his cheeks off....delicious!

Missi Waldron said...

Your boys are beautiful and I am so happy to see Cubbie came to visit... love her!