Friday, January 9, 2009

a snipet of Christmas

There is too much to post everything, but I'll do more in the next couple days. This is our trip to temple square.

Lukey LOVED the train, he bawled when we got off.

Sammy and Denali. They actually posed for this picture and then Dylan and Lukey wanted in on the action. It was a nice change. Ususally I am wrestling the kids to stand still during photos. So cute.


annie said...

I need the pictures off your camera! These are great! I love the one of everyone on the train!

Eva said...

I miss you guy!! So fun to hang out with the Alabama family. I need to plan another trip that way to love on those kiddos... and say hi to you guys too!

Katie said...


fun fun fun

Spencer said...

I like Eva's head poking out in the Eskimo Power hat

roselizabeth said...

i miss my family! i love you guuuys