Saturday, January 16, 2010

Christmas Break

Here are some pictures from Christmas Break

Henry drawing and talking

Reading Polar Express Christmas Eve

Jack's giant donut

Henry helping with the dishes

Luke fell asleep on the counter

Mandatory group Christmas picture

Fred made it home!!

As always we didn't take enough pictures, we had a lot of activities, including a wedding shower, wedding, Sunday dinners, sledding, bowling, Katherine's Birthday, visits from Nephi, and Julia and Company, and continuous fun, it is hard coming back to the real world


momhirt said...

sigh. love you.

Katie said...

Those are great pictures!

And, since when did Sammy get almost as tall as Jack? and he's looking like so much of a clone of his father too.......

annie said...

When did Henry get to turn into a little boy instead of a baby??!! Looks like fun with the Nelson crew! :o)

Eva Jane said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! xoxo

Julia Harps said...

I love the one of henry on the counter top. your family is cool.

Steph said...

Very fun Kim. Glad you had a nice Christmas break.