Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Send Joe a letter

I just thought I would make it easier for everyone to write Joe so I am putting a link here, be sure to put Provo MTC where it asks for mission, his MTC mailbox is 310 and he leaves around February 2nd, so that means he only has a couple of weeks left till he is in Russia, lets flood his mailbox with letters. Just a note or a complete memoir will make his day, also he loves poems or raps about Russia/Romania (sarcasm).


annie said...
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Katie said...

So great to not have it hidden in my gmail somewhere. I went to write him last week and couldn't find the info and then had to move on.....

I'll write him tonight though! thanks for the reminder Sam (and the corrections Annie)

Eva Jane said...

I've been sending packages to 310... that's what the email from the mtc says..

Joseph Richley Hirt
> MTC Mailbox # 310
> ROM-BUC 0203
> 2005 N 900 E
> Provo, UT 84604-1793

awesome Sam. I'll send him a note today!