Thursday, March 25, 2010

Look out Jeff Corwin

My friend Erica asked for help making a video for a job she is applying for. If she gets the job she would be the wildlife biologist host for a documentary. Erica went up to Fairbanks this last summer and she got together with the Hay Way crew and said she had a funner time there than at the conference she was attending, so she is basically family. Kim helped coach and inspire her acting, and I did the filming, editing, and helped catch the bat, and with the scripting, so if she becomes famous we are definitely expecting a cut of her earnings. It was a lot of fun making the video and a lot harder to do than we expected, but here is the finished product.

P.S. this bat did not come from our attic it came from my neighbor's attic who is also a biologist in my lab and works with bats.


Katie said...

Cool video. I learned something too. Didn't know that bats wings were comparable to our hands with digits and all. Very cool

annie said...

GO ERICA!! I've totally met her!! Maybe she should come back to Hay Way and do a special segment on mosquitoes- they grow to be as big as mammals there! :o)

That's really cool and I hope she gets the opportunity she's hoping for! GO ERICA!!

momhirt said...

dad and i learned new things about bats! great little video and we hope you get the job.

Katherine said...

That was really good. I actually thought it was interesting. Man, how do people hold all that info in their heads?