Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Break

For spring break we went to Gulf Shores, Alabama for a few days and played at the beach. We went with the Puffers and had a blast. Here are some pics

Two people-in love-on the beach-at sunset

The crew

Swimming in the hot tub on the cooler day

Henry enjoys long walks on the beach

Playing in the puny waves

playing in the sand for hours

Henry's sand face

Just a couple of Mermen on the beach

At sunset

The boys loved the sand

Best friends


annie said...

The warm sunlight looks so dreamy and inviting! You are two of the best loookin' people ever! (You and Kim that is!!) I love that your boys are such good friends. (three little boys... hmmm, that has a familiar ring to it!!)

K.Q. said...

Very sweet! Miss you guys!

Julia Harps said...

so cute. I love the one of sam and luke in the sand.

Spencer and Holly said...

Looks like a fun spring break. Sam+Kim=Super cute couple. I love the last picture of the boys, so precious.

Katie said...

That last picture is awesome.

Henry is getting so big!

Eva Jane said...

So fun!! My favorite Alabama family :)

momhirt said...

mormon mermen! what a great combo! looks like you had a fun time. i'm jealous.

Katherine said...

Such good pictures. I love that sammy has an apple in the hot tub. Henry's face is amazing...those teeth!