Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sammy's Creation

Sammy wanted to put a video on the internet about his latest lego creation. Warning, it is long and detailed.


Sarah said...

Way to go Sammy! Nice ship!

Pants said...

Sammy, I loved it. And I love you.

Katherine said...

Wait, what?! I just died. I'm dead. That made me so happy!! I love Sammy's sweet little serious hands, and angry Henry with the lights in the background. Missing you guys.

Katie said...

So cute. I love his serious/excited hands....and how many excuses he found to take the top off the cockpit. Love it!

You must include his face sometimes though.....I kept trying to will (AKA: use the force) the camera over to catch him talking. I don't get to see him enough in person that I honestly don't know this voice with the face...... please include his face a little next time! And in 10 years you'll wish the same thing.

Katie said...

and oddly enough, my word verification for the last post was