Saturday, June 30, 2012

Avocados and Adjectives!

Viv you are 8 months old!
You are crawling everywhere and are interested in everything and everyone.
When I look at you your face lights up in a wide grin. 
You buzz your lips and say "dadadadada" all day long.
I didn't know babies could be so happy all the time, you are a wonder.
You're my buddy and the calm in a storm of boyness.
When your Daddy comes home you freak out with joy. You need a good ten minutes with him right away or I'll hear about it.
I love your chubby cheeks and I want to bite them all the time. Sometimes I am afraid I'll hurt you because I want to squeeze you and munch on you all day long.
When you wake up from a nap you'll just lie there talking to yourself until someone comes and gets you.
When I say "kisses" you lean in with a big open mouth:)
Your Dad will crawl on the floor with you like a Lion and her cub, and then you'll nuzzle heads and do bonkers, one of the most adorable things I've ever seen.
I can not handle your face, I am so in love.


Holly said...

Can I just have her? In love, seriously.

Nick and Kate said...

She is a magical human that could heal a nation with a grin. I love her more than almost any other human on the planet.

Michelle Elise said...

Complete perfection.