Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Day in Atlanta

Yesterday we were able to go to the Atlanta Temple and Family Fun (free!) Day at the Centennial Olympic Park in Downtown Atlanta. It was a great day! Unfortunately we didn't get any pics at the temple.  Sam and I trade off and the kids are barely surviving by the time we each do a session. Taking pictures always seems like too much, I don't want to get angry at my rambunctious babies on Temple grounds:)
 We forgot hats and sunscreen so this was our solution for five minutes.
 Whenever you look at Viv this is her reaction.

 The water fountain, amazing to see so many kids playing in the water.

 Viv watching her brothers in the shade:)

 We stood in line FOREVER to get a balloon animal, that is all Henry wanted. It popped 30 seconds later. The Balloon Lady saw him crying and made him another one:)

The boys rock climbing. I was so proud, I was sure they weren't going to attempt it once they got up there, but they were troopers. Luke had a hard time after because he didn't reach the top.


kim said...

Your kids are so adorable and you are awesome parents! What fun! Hope to see you soon!


Michelle Elise said...

Viv kills me with her cute smileyness. What a fun outing you all had!

Eva Jane said...

Best family ever... that looks like so much fun!