Saturday, August 2, 2008

More of the baby

Big Brother and Baby

Kimmy, happy at home

Good ol' mungle face Henry

Enjoying the snack room at the hospital. Ice Cream, Yum

Oh Henry!

So we are out of hospital and back at home, everything couldn't have gone smoother. Come on by and visit if you are in town, if not, hop on a plane. He is very cute and sweet, We love him.


Julia Harps said...

He is so sweet! SUch a mix of the other boys. You guys rock. Sam and Luke look so big!

SoCalHirts said...

He looks 3 months old. Not an funky looking newborn at all. Super cute.
Sayler and Owen say "hi"

annie said...

My kids like his pictures! He's so soft and round looking.

Kim, you make great babies! (Sam, you're not so bad at it either I guess)

momhirt said...

what a totally different look from the other boys. we like him a lot already. he looks very handsome and squishy. give him kisses for me and grandpa!

Eva Jane said...

I love him, I love him, I love him! and those other boys too. I'm booking a flight, I want to squish on him...

Katie said...

I wike him.

You now have three different versions of YOU. Its funny.

Give them all kisses from us please!