Sunday, September 14, 2008

My new blog

so my sister Annie has like 7 blogs on things like her photography and how to be a vegan and other important and meaningful things. I recently started a blog on the 4th most important thing in my life right now (behind Family, church, and school). That's right BYU football. Anyway, here it is Enjoy the earth shaking insights into BYU football and college football in general.

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annie said...

Okay I have like THREE... not seven. I just blog on them all so much it might seem like it.

So I went to your new blog, but it all is jibberish to me! :o) I'm about as far from college football as a person can be! So I'll just cheer... B! Y! U! COUGARS!! Go COUGARS!!! Give me a B! (B) Give me a Y! (Y) Give me a U! (U) What's that spell??!! BYU!!! WOO HOO!!