Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Big Boy Sam is 8!

I seriously can't believe 8 years ago I met you for the first time.  When you were born you had breathing problems because the cord was wrapped around your neck 3 times. They let me look at you for 3 seconds before they whisked you away. In those 3 seconds I memorized every inch of your face, not knowing how long it would be before I saw you again. Your Dad never left your side through all the testing and bilirubin lights. He stayed by you and talked to you and sang to you. You two have always had a special bond that brings me so much joy.

The days after I had you I would just cry all the time. Happy cries. I remember specifically holding you and singing you your song "First time ever I saw your face" and just bawling. I couldn't believe you were mine. They had to keep pricking your heel to check your jaundice levels. I remember waiting in the Waiting Room at the Hospital and hearing you cry in the other room where your Dad had taken you in. I burst into tears with everyone watching me thinking I was crazy, but I couldn't bare to think you were in pain. One sad cry I remember was when I thought I had lost all your baby pictures and I called the photo software company bawling hysterically about what happen. Whoever was on the phone that day must have thought I had lost my mind.

You were a beautiful baby, you loved people and were very social. People would stop me all the time and say what amazing blue eyes you had. You've always had tons of energy and an inquisitive mind. I love the questions you ask and I try to find ways to answer them that are age appropriate:) You love everything Nature and Animal, just like your Dad. I love how you can catch lizards and will hold snakes with no fear.

I love how you get hooked on things and have to learn everything about them. When you were 2 years old you knew every Thomas the Train engine there ever was and would carry around this crumpled paper that had all the trains and would memorize them. I wish I still had that paper, it was so worn and taped in a million places. One of the best compliments you gave me at that time was "Mom, you are the most beautiful train." Now you memorize Harry Potter Spells and Animal Facts. Love it.

I love that you say things like, "We haven't talked in a while, do you want to snuggle?" Is there anything better than that?

You've always been very verbal and could speak really well at a young age. I love hearing you use big words while speaking your little person thoughts. They are so precious.

I love your sense of humor. You are always coming up with Knock Knock jokes and funny cartoons. I love when Me and your Dad are talking late at night and I here from your room "Nice one, Mom."

You, your bros, and your Dad wrestle constantly. When I tell you guys to stop fighting you say, "but Mom, we like it." I never know when to step in and when to let you duke it out. You are all puppies. When Luke beats you, you say things like "Good Job Luke." I love that you encourage your brothers.

You are so sweet with your baby sister. I love how you just want to make her happy. You don't try to pass her off to me when she is crying, you want to bounce her and make it better.

Can you tell that I love you, always have, always will? I could write a novel on all the ways I love you. Thank you for still letting me cuddle you, even though you are huge.

Happy Birthday, my sweet, adventurous boy.


Your Mama

8 years of my little buddy Sammy

I always wanted to be a Dad and I have always love playing with kids.
I have a better time with kids than I do adults most times. When Sammy
was born it fulfilled a lifelong dream of mine of becoming a father.
Now I could wrestle with someone whenever I wanted, I had someone to
play baseball and legos and video games whenever I wanted and could
have fun making someone laugh. Fortunately Sammy has always been up to
playing whenever I want to. He has never told me "I don't want to
wrestle Dad", or "Dad, will you stop playing with me already" so I
have constantly just played with him. His playful nature and silly
ways have made him into a smart, witty, 8 year old that I look forward
to playing with the rest of my life. Here are some of my fondest
memories of Sammy

His first ear infection when he cried all night and after I gave him a
blessing he finally just rested in my arms for the night.
As a 2 year-old he would shoot baskets and call it "shoops"
Going for walks around the block with him in my baby backpack while I read
Swimming in the pool with floaties when he was less than a year old
His obsessions with the latest toys (blues clues, thomas the tank
engine, cars, Wall-E, batman, pokemon, harry potter)
I like it when he says "nice one dad" when I tell a joke that he gets
playing baseball in the back yard
everything is fun with Sammy!

I LOVE SAMMY I can't believe he is 8 years old already.

Sam Sr.

If you have a memory of Sammy that pops into your head I would love to hear it!!!!


Heather said...

8 years! can you believe it! i wish we lived closer...i know all these boys would just love spending time together! happy birthday sweet sammy!!!

Eva Jane said...

So great... I love this post!