Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Viv is 1 !!!

 My Dearest Little Vivienne,

You have been in my life for one year and I can't even believe there was a time I didn't know you. You are everything sparkling and happiness. The day of your birth was one of the happiest days of my life. Your Dad and I were laughing and talking and just so happy waiting for your arrival, wondering what you would be like, who you would look like. That was until the epidural stopped working:) I held your Dad's hand so tight as I labored to bring you into the world, he brought me so much strength. I can't even remember the pain now, because the joy of having you here, finally in my arms, was so all consuming. Having you was one of the most spiritual experiences of my life. You were so close to heaven. I couldn't have anyone turn on the TV or play music for weeks after you were born, your spirit was so peaceful and strong. I actually didn't know babies could be like you. So peaceful, calm, and content. Mom's that have babies like you have it so easy...haha.

For the first month of your life you slept on your Daddy's chest. Neither one of us could be far away from you very long. Your favorite place to sleep now is in between us with some part of your body touching both of us. Your head on one of us and your feet on the other. I LOVE IT. I am a really light sleeper so I don't sleep very well in this position, but I won't move you because every time I wake up I look at your face and I giggle with happiness, you're round cuteness is too much.

You love your brothers, and they are smitten with you. They love to take care of you and hold you. If I need to do something they are happy to jump in and read to you or try to teach you to walk. You are definitely learning to hold your own among them. If they are playing something without you, you'll just charge right in usually knocking down whatever contraption they've made. If they try to keep you out, you'll have none of it. Your first words were Dada, Mama, Bye, and now you've started saying "No." I know it shouldn't be so cute, but it is seriously amazingly adorable every time you say it. Then you'll smile like you are the cleverest baby in the world.

I cannot handle your smile. So much cheek and cheese. It makes me crazy to look at you sometimes because you are so beautiful.

I love your soul. Your relatives describe you with words like, "wise", "a healer", "she just knows," you have something so unique about you that is hard to describe. You just know things. You know how to make people happy.

I am obsessed with you, everything about you. I can't believe I get to be your Mom on this Earth and that Heavenly Father entrusted me with you.

 My Viv, my buddy, I love you forever, I love you for always.

From your Papa:
The best way to describe Vivienne is a little princess. Sounds cliche
but from the day she was born she did what she wanted and we all loved
her for it. As a newborn all she did was sleep. More so that any of
our other babies, and so much that we thought there was something
wrong with her, but she just wanted to sleep and we all loved her for
it because it meant we could just hold her and look at her cute little
face. As a little baby she was always mellow, but full of smiles and
we all loved her for it. All the boys fought over who got to sit next
to her in the car, who got to hold her next, and who she loved the
most. She has been a horrible sleeper, she wakes up every few hours in
the night and demands to be fed and we love her for it. I try and
appease her and rock her back to sleep so we have become "buddies"
some nights, but most nights Kim gets all the loving from Vivi. 90% of
the mornings I am all by myself on one end of the bed, Vivi is
sprawled out horizontally covering one half of the bed, and Kim is
barely hanging on to the last two inches. She is learning to say words
and she can very audibly say "no", but she doesn't yell it or say it
in a demanding way, she sounds like a sassy diva and we love her for
it. Only a princess could make such a negative word sound so cute. She
loves snuggling with certain people and if she wants to snuggle she
makes it known and we love her for it. She attached to Jimmy when he
came to visit and snuggled right in to his shoulder and wouldn't go to
anyone else. When I get home from school/work she always demands to be
held and played with. She says what she wants, she sleeps how she
wants, and she gets what she wants, and we may be spoiling her rotten
but we love her for it. Happy Brithday to my one year old sassy


Bryan said...

This is so amazing! I love your little viv!

Christie Nelson said...

I love Viv. I was just telling people the other day about how she knows who needs her and insists on spending time with those people--hugging them extra long.

Eva Jane said...

So sweet :)