Monday, October 29, 2012

Heavenly Days

Sammy was Baptized into our church on the 14th. It was such a special event. My Mom and Brother were able to come out which made if even more wonderful. They got in a couple hours before. It meant so much to us that they could make it. Mom and Jimmie gave talks, Me and Mom sang "A Child's Prayer" and Sam Sr. performed the Baptism. It was really emotional. I was so proud of Sammy and his decision to follow Christ's example. It was also so strange that he is eight and not a little baby anymore.

Before his Baptism Day I had family members write down their testimonies and thoughts about their own  baptisms and put it in a book for Sammy. It was sweet to see him read it and feel so much love and support from his 20 plus aunts and uncles and his Grandparents.  I love our big HUGE family:)

I brought my camera to the baptism and then completely forgot to take pictures. Tragedy. Here is right when we got home...Sammy had already changed into his play clothes, doesn't he look perfect:)

The sweet book for Sammy
 This was about one minute after Jimmie arrived. She was completely smitten the whole weekend. If Jimmie was in the room she had to be in his arms. So sweet.

 Some friends for cookies after the baptism.
 Grandma and grandkids.
 I let the kids stay home from school because Jimmie and Grandma could only be there for 2 days. We went to the Zoo and it was AMAZING! No one was there and all the animals put on a display for us, like they were starved for attention. It felt like our own personal Zoo!

 They were getting tired near the end. It looked like they were posing so I had to take a pic.

 The cheetahs were in love with us, or they were hungry.
 viv and jimmie.
 boys with a lot of hair
 viv and jimmie.
 monkey boys

 S'mores in the backyard.

Yeah, the weekend was pretty much heavenly.


Reags said...

What a dream! I am so sad I forgot to submit something. I am blaming it on my pregnancy brain. I was totally planning on writing something. Worst. But I still love him loads!

Heather said...

I love the idea of having everyone write testimonies. I was going to do mine and Evan's for Conner, but everyone's is even more awesome. Borrowing that idea if that is all right with you. What a glorious gathering for sweet sammy!

Michelle Elise said...

Total heaven. Kim, I love your family.

Eva Jane said...

:) Congratulations Sammy. What a great weekend!