Friday, April 18, 2008

Has anyone seen this movie? I think I might rent it this weekend, but Ben Stein's voice might put me to sleep, so I will have to do it in the day time. Here is my 2 cents on the subject.
No offense to people who believe in intelligent design, but this video seems to present a very one sided and skewed argument. In my opinion evolution is the best theory to fit the evidence, intelligent design also fits the evidence but is based on belief in a supreme being and has little to no way of being tested. If evidence was found that showed intelligent design was a better scientific theory then I think we would be accepting it more than evolution. Firthermore, I think that evolution IS an intelligent design, in fact it is the basis of our economoy (choice, competition, and survival of the adequate). I feel it also has many religious parallels. Why couldn't God have used evolution? These are issues that I would like to see if this film addresses or not. Yes, evolution is a theory, but so is the concept of gravity, the theory of relativity, and other scientific explanations for the world around us. But, I see no contradiction between these theories and the word of God. But again, don't take my word for it, if you feel it is important, find out for yourself. It isn't vital to our salvation to know how the world and people came to be so I don't feel like evolution should be a religious issue, but evolution is vital to understanding biology, that is why it is taught, it fits the facts. that is my story and I am sticking to it.


nephi said...

spoken like a true biologist. ha.

i heard about this movie when ben stein was on talk radio the other day and based on his conversation, i don't think the focus of this video is about creationism vs darwinism. it's about the "expulsion" of scientists from the scientific community who propose intelligent design as a possibility.

true, intelligent design and the theory of evolution are not mutually exclusive, but this idea is shunned from the scientific world, which i think further validates stein's point that discussion on an unproven theory has been stopped.

also, the movie is released in theaters today, i don't think you can rent it.

momhirt said...

in seminary they teach that the creation story as explained in the bible is the story of why the earth was created, more than how it was created. i do think it is interesting language that god commanded the waters to bring forth life and also the earth, i think. going off memory here. it all comes down to the fact that my prayers were answered and i do know that the b of m is true and the rest i'll continue to learn about until i can get a final answer in the big primordial sea in the sky. we'll probably get this movie in about 3 years..... barrow is always at the forefront of stuff, you know. loves.