Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tornado Warning

So occasionally we have tornado warnings, but a week ago it was pretty close to us, The tornado sirens even went off. There were about 20 minutes where the news told us to go to a place in our home with no windows. Our hallway can be closed in and is the only place with no windows so we hung out there for a little bit. Sammy made a bed out of a box and the boys watched a movie while we laid down on the ninja turtle couch which is a child size foam couch that folds out into a child's size sleeping pad. We thought it was funny.

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JNABS said...

We were wondering how close that was to you guys last week. We have had several of those also. The thing I hate is when they keep the kids at school during the whole thing. I know it is for their safety - you just want to be with your kids at that time. Luckily the last one hit down on the other side of town away from us. Fullers